Mixing VOIP Telephony with Mobile Technology

The 6-32 SIP accounts Kammunica A series IP 4G LTE phones are used in 4G(LTE) and 3G network environments and support wired network access under IPv4 and IPv6 protocol. They are high-end VoLTE phones specially designed for industry clients, SIP, and MNOs. The design concept based on visual operation, excellent voice quality, exquisite detail and unique appearance brings customers higher working efficiency and user experience.

Kammunica A series 4G IP Phone Excellent Features



Support 4G (LTE) and 3G network access

HD voice quality with an impressive audio experience

Top-level electro-acoustic design and professional DSP voice processing capability make the sound quality world top level


Super hands-free voice quality

The whole series is equipped with high-power speakers and large-sized sound chamber structure

Strong multiparty conference function Support 5 to 9-way conference call Perfect & higher-level encryption

Support complete signalling, media & configuration file encryption, HTTPS-based WEB access, and higher-level ZRTP


Rich network features

Support core network functions such as IPv4 & IPv6, VLAN, LLDP, OpenVPN, and 802.1X


Convenient deployment and maintenance

HTTPS/HTTP/FTP/TFTP/RPS/SIP PnP/DHCP Option 66 or custom Option 128~254, TR069, WEB import and export configuration template, profile batch generation tool, periodic detection and update


SIP voice platform customization and management

Support third-party interface management


Perfectly compatible with most leading and famous platform

Compatible with well-known SIP voice systems such as Huawei, Mateswitch, Broadsoft, Asterisk, Freeswitch, Avaya, NEC, Newrock, Matrix, etc. Working extensively with devices from global mainstream manufacturers

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